FPV Virtual Reality Arduino Controlled Tracked Robot

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Brainwave-controlled arduino robot that can travel though multiple types of terrain.

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It’s time to view the world from a different lens. With this project, you will be able to navigate the through the world by using a first-person view controlled Arduino Robot.. You can steer the robot with the power of your brain waves, or by using an ordinary, traditional joystick R/C controller. The robot’s experiences can be live streamed through its camera in a virtual reality glass. 

Controlling the robot using brainwaves will allow you to move it  forward, left, and right. This version is highly recommend if you’re up to the challenge of building something very interesting and scientific. Through the construction of this robot, you will have the opportunity to learn a lot about how the human brain functions.

Controlling the robot using  a joystick and potentiometer combo will move robot in all four axis, in all directions at multiple speeds. This version will be more controllable and efficient, and you can control three white LED's that ensure the light for the camera. 

The robot can be navigated through any terrain, so you can test it out in the snow, sand, any type of flooring, on wet surface, and indoors. The Arduino robot is also equipped for uphill traveling, and can climb hills up to 40 degrees. Its two 18650 lithium-ion batteries are the source of its power, with a capacity of 2600 mAh. These batteries are connected in series, with it’s maximum voltage is 8.4 volts, guaranteeing consistent and seamless operation. Though the WiFi range of the FPV's is only around 50 meters, the maximum control range with the new HC-12 serial communication module is 1.8-1 kilometers if the controllers can see each other, ensuring a very stable communication. Here is what you’ll need to complete the project:



Soldering Iron, Solder, Glue Gun, Wire Stripper, Wire Cutter, Ultra-Strong Double Sided Tape, Screwdriver

Arduino IDE Compiler, Software Serial Library, Adafruit Motor Shield Library


Arduino UNO, Arduino Mini Pro, HC-05 Bluetooth Module (Optional), HC-06 Bluetooth Module (Optional), HC-12 Radio Frequency Module - 2 pieces, Wires, Tamiya Tracked Vehicle Kit, Tamiya Double Gearbox Kit, 6.8k, 10k, 1k, 500 ohm Resistors, 10k Potentiometer, Lithium Ion Battery Charger Circuit, 5v Step-up Module, Arduino Compatible Joystick, 18650 Lithium Ion Batteries - 2 pieces, Battery Holder - 2 pieces, White LEDs - 3 pieces , Adafruit Motor Shield Small Lithium Ion Battery (for the transmitter), FPV WiFi Camera, Google's VR Cardboard Glasses

*Brainwave users will also need: NeuroSky Brainwave Headset,  HC-05 Bluetooth, Mindwave Library from Github


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