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For Innovators

Innovators are those who have ideas they want to bring to reality. Innovators use their imagination to come up with limitless concepts of products yet to be seen. Ever had a unique, cool product idea? If so, you are an innovator.

Step One
Create project

Post your project and explain what would you like to build and what kind of help you need

Step Two
Choose a builder

Experts will apply with bids - check their project history and pick one that you like best.

Step Three
Bring your concept to life

Keep track of the progress your expert makes, pay their fee once they're done & enjoy your product!

For Builders

Builders are those who have the experience and skillset to bring ideas to life. Builders are always willing to polish their skillset and take on projects, which challenge them. Have you ever built your own product? Are you willing to start collaborating with others to bring ideas to life? If so, you are a builder.

Step One
Search project

Grab a cup of coffee and browse open projects to see what people are trying to get built.

Step Two
Enter proposal

Found something that you could help with? Send your bid and keep your fingers crossed!

Step Three
Start earning and building

Once the Innovator approves your bid, you can start building the project and make money!


Projelyst uses the Stripe platform to process payments and store payment info. We do not store any bank information on our site databases.

Milestone escrow payments hold for up to 90 days. After the 90 days are completed, the funds will be returned to the innovator, at which point, he or she will have to refund the milestone in order to proceed with the project. An email will be sent out 14 and 7 days before the 90 days is up, to remind the innovator to refund the milestone after the 90 days is up.

If Innovator chooses to cancel project, the builder will keep any money already distributed to them, while any money being held in escrow will be returned to the innovator.

Commission :


Upload small size videos for faster loading of project

Upload a profile pic so that other users can see whom they are communicating with. This builds trust among users.

Describe yourself well in your profile bio so that people can know more about what you bring to the table.

Revisit the site often to see messages builders or innovators have sent you via the Projelyst messaging page.

If you have an alternate form of contact you’d prefer, give the details to the innovator or builder so that they will know the best ways to contact you.

For questions about features, payments, or anything else, please contact [email protected]