Welcome to the Beta

By Richard Fenton / Mar-14-2018

Welcome to the Beta

I am super excited to announce the release of the Beta version of the Projelyst platform! Users can now upload projects they wish to have built, share project’s they’ve been a part of, comment and “like” the work other’s have done, and become inspired by the imagination of others. It has been a long time coming with a lot of bumps along the road, but alas, I am proud to present to you, the first glimpse of what aims to be the definitive community of builders and innovators who collaborate to make ideas become reality. 

Projelyst is a result of the frustration of having many freelancing platforms available, but none exclusively catered to the individual who has creative tech ideas. While other freelance sites give off the feel of post, pay, and get your product, I wanted to create a platform that has more of a community feel. There have been many times where I’ve browsed sites like Hackaday and Instructables and said, “Wow, I have an idea for a different approach to that project” or “I’d like that to be made customized for me”. I decided that I wanted to be able to have those feelings, and seconds later, upload the specs for a product inspired from what I just saw so that it could be built.  To be honest, I was never that skilled making the products I’ve seen online but still had the concepts in my head of cool products that others might like.  By leveraging the community of builders that is growing everyday, I feel that anyone with an idea can become a creator as well. 

This is just the beginning. Projelyst will continue to grow with its community, implementing the feedback received from users. Even though this platform was created by a small group of individuals, I like to think that it belongs to everyone. My vision with this is to bridge the gap between technology enthusiast, and people who are not skilled with tech, but still have ideas. Hopefully, years from now, Projelyst will have been a key catalyst in reducing the intimidation many people have of technology, creating a society where anyone has the confidence to create. Can’t wait to see what crazy ideas you guys think of. 


Richard Fenton

Founder of Projelyst


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