The Story

In order to understand how Projelyst came to be about, it helps to know a little bit about the founder. With Projelyst being a site dedicated to building cool ideas based on technology hardware, it makes sense to think that the founder is heavily involved in technology. It makes sense to think the founder is the type of person to spend countless hours tinkering with gadgets and reading magazines on the latest inventions. If you were thinking this, you would be correct.

However, there is so much more. Besides having a love for technology, the founder has passions for things that many would say aren’t in line with the hobbies of a typical tech nerd such as art, music, and sports. Because of this, the goal of Projelyst is to not only create a platform where technology enthusiasts can come together to help each other create, but to create a space where people, who have any type of interest, to come to create a product of their imagination. Projelyst stems from the belief that you do not have to be the typical technology enthusiast to have an idea of a product you would love to have created. Everyone has daydreamed about that particular item you wish existed. Just because you don’t have the skills to build that product yourself, does not mean that the idea itself isn’t worth creating. Projelyst is the platform in which anyone can turn his or her thoughts in reality.

The idea of Projelyst was brought about in the summer of 2016. With the founder having a career in technology, it was natural for him to spend the majority of his day browsing the web for new and cool tech products. This search included the usual sites where people often posted their DIY creations and the community commented and liked the posts, in turn enhancing the creative experience. Although these sites had many cool and interesting projects, it posed the question, what if the people who created these projects could use their talents to help those not as tech-savvy as them to create something of their own. Imagine if the talent of the tinkerer was combined with the thoughts and imagination of the art or sports enthusiast. What type of things would be created? This question sparked the idea of Projelyst, a place where people can use their unique background and way of thinking, combined with the skills of tech-savvy tinkerers, to create amazing products.

The vision of Projelyst is to create a community that fuses the ideas and imaginations of every type of person. We want to combine the unique talents of the electrical engineer, with the imagination of the Broadway actress. To have the home automation expert collaborate with the fitness guru. We believe that when people who wouldn’t normally work together, work together, amazing things happen.